Friday, June 14, 2024

Trust in a benevolent universe is a key to spiritual health.

Even if your spirituality does not include a Supreme Being, children need to feel that the universe smiles on them. Einstein said that the most important decision each person makes is deciding whether or not this is a friendly universe.

Dr. Laura Markham, Great Spiritual Lessons Every Child Should Learn

Laura Markham is no relation to me and I don’t know her. However, I admire her work.

As I read and think about this quote, it seemed to me that this is an important decision for adults as well as children. To what extent is one of the foundational purposes of psychotherapy to help people shift their perception from a world of malevolence to one of friendliness? How do we help our clients shift their perception from a malevolent universe in which they feel victimized to a benevolent universe in which they are loved unconditionally?

One of the most important contributions to this mind shift from the negative, fear based perspective to a positive, optimistic perspective is the cultivation and expression of gratitude. Before bed, it is suggested by the positive psychologists that we reflect on the three good things that have happened to us during out day. What have we been blessed by? Identifying these things fosters an appreciation that allows us to become aware that we are loved by the Universe. 

At any age we can intentionally choose to recognize and acknowledge the blessings in our life. What greater gift could a parent give a child that to facilitate the child's awareness and expression of gratitude?