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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Talking circles contribute to interpersonal connection and understanding.

Yesterday, 10/26/19, I went to the From Conflict to Collaboration workshop at St. John Fisher college in Rochester, NY, sponsored by PiRI, Partners In Restorative Initiatives. The keynote speaker was Dr. Lauren Abramson whose talk was entitled "Biology and Restorative Practices." On the handout which Dr. Abramson provided was the video below about "Daily Rap Dialogue Circles."

Talking circles is one of the fundamental restorative practices which are implemented in all kinds of settings for all kinds of situations. "Talking circles" is a respectful way to structure talking and listening experiences. Talking circles enable participants to communicate with one another in respectful and heart felt ways which foster interpersonal connection and understanding.

This video depicts how talking circles can be implemented in school settings. In Baltimore schools they are called "Daily Rap" dialogue circles.

Daily Rap dialogue circles in schools with students of all ages and with staff from on Vimeo.