Tuesday, August 3, 2021

How to Reset Your Family’s Screen Time After the Pandemic

 Another recent study, of parents in California’s Central Valley, also highlighted the conflict that parents were experiencing around their children’s screen use during the pandemic. “I would say it’s been negative for us just all the way across the board,” said one mother. Another mother explained, “Well, I would honestly not like that much [screen] time but then I say, well, what else can they do?”

While parents also recognized the potential benefits of screens, like helping kids stay connected with friends and learn about technology, they voiced concerns about how much time their children were on screens, its “addictive” nature, and how it reduced their children’s physical activity.

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Editor's note:

There should be "media fasts" which are times when screens are set aside so people can focus on other activities. For example should screens be allowed a the dinner table? Should they be allowed when people are visiting? Could we have couple time or family time when screens are not allowed so we can focus on our interactions with one another and not be distracted?

There is an etiquette and there are manners to be employed when it comes to screens and we are trying as a society to figure out what they are. Do you have some rules you've come up with for your own behavior? Do you have preferences you would like to see implemented in social situations? Leave a comment.

Sunday, August 1, 2021