Thursday, January 31, 2019

New York, Virginia become first to require mental health education in schools

From CNN on 07/02/18:
On Sunday, New York and Virginia became the first two states to enact laws requiring mental health education in schools.
New York's law updates the health curriculum in elementary, middle and high schools to include material on mental health. Virginia's law mandates that mental health education be incorporated into physical education and health curricula for ninth- and 10th-graders.
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To see the New York State laws enacted click here.
Editor's note:
It's hard to believe that it took until 2018, for New York and Virigina to become the first two states in the United States to require mental health education as part of the health education curriculum. 
Every time there's a mass shooting in the U.S, the politicans, funded by the NRA, state that these mass shootings are a mental health issue not a gun issue. However, these same politicians have not taken steps to see to it that the issue is addressed except in New York and Virginia.

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