Thursday, July 21, 2022

Psychotherapy is not simply personality adjustments.

Put simply, an understanding of the depths of human suffering and anxiety, the paradoxes and contradictions of the individual psyche, and the heights of spiritual knowing are not simply gifted to us through our socialization or upbringing—nor are these understandings the likely outcome of an otherwise sound, conventional training as a clinician. They must be understood first within the self if they are to be fully understood in others. And they cannot be understood in the self of the therapist without time, effort, and strong attention to therapist development. Integral Psychotherapy offers the therapist a map with which to cultivate these insights. It is an approach to therapy that aims to both serve the client and develop the self.

Forman, Mark D.. A Guide to Integral Psychotherapy (SUNY series in Integral Theory) . State University of New York Press. Kindle Edition. 

There are four kinds of intelligence: PQ, physical intelligence, IQ, cognitive intelligence, EQ, emotional intelligence, and SQ, spiritual intelligence. A competent psychotherapist should be an expert on all four with an emphasis on the last two, EQ and SQ.

Unfortunately, not many psychotherapists are well trained in SQ and haven’t necessarily mastered the basic skills of SQ, Spiritual intelligence is the basis of good psychotherapy and not simply coaching on techniques and tips for personality adjustments.

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