Sunday, March 12, 2023

What does the term "walking well" mean in the community mental health model?

 The term "walking well" is often used to refer to individuals who do not have a serious mental health condition, but who seek mental health services for a variety of reasons such as stress, relationship issues, work-related problems, or personal growth. These individuals may be experiencing some distress or difficulty in their lives, but they are generally functioning well and able to carry out their daily activities.

Some people use the term "walking worried" or "worried well" to describe this population as well. The term "walking well" has been criticized by some mental health professionals because it can be seen as stigmatizing and dismissive of the real struggles that these individuals may be facing. It is important to remember that seeking mental health services is a sign of strength and self-awareness, and anyone who feels they could benefit from therapy should feel comfortable seeking it out regardless of their level of distress.

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