Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Gaslighting at home, work, or personal life is damaging to a person's sense of reality

How to you manage relationships when a person says one thing and does another and then makes it sound if the contradiction is your problem?

I call this "mystification". Mystifying someone can make them think they are crazy. The opposite of mystification is "validation." Validation is affirming and we feel heard.

 Mita Mallick, head of inclusion, equity, and impact at the firm Carta, says gaslighting at the office is more common than many people realize. That’s when a manager or coworker engages in behavior where one thing happens, and they try to convince the victim otherwise. Gaslighting can damage the victim’s well-being and performance as well as the company overall. She explains how to recognize the manipulative behavior, what to do about it in the moment, and how companies can respond. Mallick wrote the HBR.org article “How to Intervene When a Manager Is Gaslighting Their Employees.”

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